With An 89% Revenue Surge, Could Datable Technology Take Over a Potential $12 Billion Marketing Automation Market?

With An 89% Revenue Surge(2), Could Datable Technology (TSXV:DAC)(OTC:TTMZF) Take Over a Potential $12 Billion Marketing Automation Market?(1)

Unilever, Mars, Kellogg’s, and More Already Think So(1)

Research by Sam Roberts of LW Media
September 24, 2021

Consumer habits are constantly changing.

To keep pace—and even influence—those changes, companies have no other choice but to stay on top of their customers while capturing and monetizing consumer intent.

As Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble, says:

“The ability for a brand to be places that can capture and monetize consumer intent is crucial, which makes platforms that can not only deliver real eyeballs — but convert them into sales— potentially the biggest winners of P&G’s digital ad spend shift.” (1)

Also, as noted by McKinsey & Company:(3)

“Behavioral science tells us that identifying consumers’ new beliefs, habits, and ‘peak moments’ is central to driving behavioral change.

Five actions can help companies influence consumer behavior for the longer term:

  • Reinforce positive new beliefs.
  • Shape emerging habits with new offerings.
  • Sustain new habits using contextual cues.
  • Align messages to consumer mindsets.
  • Analyze consumer beliefs and behaviors at a granular level.”

Datable Technology (TSXV:DAC)(OTC:TTMZF) has a proprietary, mobile-based consumer marketing platform called PLATFORM3 that could help companies accomplish this. Simply put, it could be at the right place at the right time.

Delivered as a subscription service (Software as a Service model), it’s used by CPG companies to engage consumers, reward purchases, and collect valuable consumer data.

What makes this genuinely cutting edge is how the platform monetizes consumer data, including demographics and purchasing behavior, by sending consumers targeted offers by email and text messages.

Thanks To Jaw-Dropping Growth Figures, Datable Technology (TSXV:DAC)(OTC:TTMZF) Has A Bullish Outlook And Explosive Chart History

 The stock has begun to push higher after finding double bottom support at about six cents in late August 2021. All as company fundamentals improved. Check out the 1 year chart:

See how explosive this chart can be in the short term? On at least a handful of occasions, this stock erupted for major moves. These include:

  • From a December 9th, 2020 open of $.045, it rocketed to a high of $.135 by  December 31st for a monster breakout of 200%.
  • From a February 23rd, 2021 low of $.065, it surged to a high of $.16 by March 19th for a monster breakout of 146%.
  • More recently, this profile has made strong double-digit runs including one for 50% between a July 29th open of $.06 to a high on August 6th of $.09 and another run of 66% from an August 30th open of $.06 to a $.10 high on September 10th.

Plus, look at some of these positive fundamentals:(2)

  • Revenue increased by 89% to $645,702 for the three months ended June 30, 2021. Revenue also increased by 64% to $1,320,260 for the six months ended June 30, 2021, year over year, thanks to increases in average contract value, project deliveries, and transactional orders from both new and returning customers.(2)
  • The continued development of the flexxi Rewards Network – a web portal that enables opt-in consumers to earn rewards completing activities such as purchasing consumer products, viewing valuable content posted by consumer brands, sharing content on social media, and referring friends.(2)
  • Approximately $4.4 million in contracted revenue for 2021 and future periods. About 65% of this is expected to be recognized as revenue in 2021.(2)
  • Revenue growth in 2021 is expected to significantly exceed growth in 2020. Datable grew revenue by 26% to approximately $1.97 million for the year ended Dec. 31, 2020, compared with the same period in 2019, with gross margins of 59%.(2)
  • Revenue growth has trended significantly higher based on the first six months’ growth and contracted revenues year-to-date. Datable expects its gross margin to be approximately 55% in 2021.(3)

And even better, a list of 2021 company milestones:

So Then…Just Who is Datable Technology (TSXV:DAC)(OTC:TTMZF)?

Formerly known as 3TL Technologies Corp (3 Tier Logic) Datable Technology, and its proprietary, mobile-based consumer marketing platform, PLATFORM3, is at the heart of a potential $12 Billion Marketing Automation Market.(1)

PLATFORM³ has a competitive edge as a subscription service (Software as a Service model) for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies and consumer brands. Thanks to PLATFORM³, these companies can better engage consumers, reward purchases, and collect valuable consumer data. Not to mention, PLATFORM³ monetizes consumer data, including demographics and purchasing behavior, by sending consumers targeted offers by email and text messages.

With Platform³, the Company is Helping to Drive, Track, and Increase Frequency of Purchases(5)

  • It helps raise awareness: Using niche channels, selective sponsorships, and strategic partnerships, Platform3 is assisting companies in raising shopper awareness.
  • It helps encourage shoppers: By launching flexible, cost-effective, mixed, and multi-tiered programs, Platform3 can potentially encourage shoppers to make a purchase.
  • It helps influence shopper decisions: With Platform3, companies can reach out to shoppers at crucial decision moments with personalized messages to positively impact their purchase decisions.
  • It helps increase frequency and size: Companies can tailor rewards to shopper engagement and purchase behavior to increase purchase frequency and basket size.
  • It can gamify value: Companies can infuse their programs with creative contests and engaging activities to extend lifetime value and convert shoppers into lifelong evangelists.

Look at How it’s Driven Growth for Smithfield Pork, For Example.(6)

EDGE Marketing and Smithfield Pork partnered with Datable to launch their ‘Shake It Up Challenge’ gift with purchase promotion for Smithfield’s fresh pork product line.

Program objectives

  • Build brand engagement
  • Increase purchases and sales
  • Establish brand loyalty
  • Collect customer data


PLATFORM³ was used to create a microsite for Smithfield Pork’s $5 Fandango NOW ‘Shake It Up Challenge’ gift with purchase promotion, leveraging the following modules:

  • Contests and Promotions
  • Purchase Receipt Validation
  • Data Capture & Analytics

When consumers purchased at least $15 worth of participating Smithfield Pork products in one transaction at participating retailers, they were eligible to receive a $5 Fandango NOW e-gift card.

Customers could validate their purchase through the Purchase Receipt Validation technology on PLATFORM³.  All they had to do was register and upload a picture of their receipt to the microsite. Once their purchase was validated, customers received an email with their $5 Fandango NOW e-gift reward and instructions to redeem it. Datable also provided the $5 Fandango NOW e-gift card from its digital rewards catalog.

By using PLATFORM³, Smithfield could track the progress of their promotion in real-time and collect valuable data that provided insights into their consumers’ purchasing behavior. The Data Capture & Analytics module provided information on consumers’ activity on the microsite throughout the entire promotion’s duration.

But Smithfield is just one example of a consumer brand using PLATFORM³. Some of the biggest brands in the entire planet are on PLATFORM³ including Unilver, Mars, Kellogg’s, and more.(1)

Datable Technology (TSXV:DAC)(OTC:TTMZF) Just Expanded to Europe(7)

Fueling further growth, the company is launching in Europe with V360°. V360° is a full-service commerce agency that drives brand and retailer sales through a ‘bricks and clicks’ approach to shopper engagement.

Providing a range of services, including shopper marketing, media, sales promotions, category management, content, and data insight, V360° engages with shoppers and drives sales through an integrated, customer-centric approach. It uses consumer and shopper understanding, retail know-how, and cutting-edge technology.

According to CEO Robert Craig:

“V360° is an ideal partner for our launch in Europe, since they provide a combination of online and in-store consumer engagement and marketing services to leading global consumer goods companies. We have spent the last few months adding to our North American sales and project management teams to accelerate growth heading into 2022, deploying some of the funds we raised earlier in 2021. While our team is focused on expanding the scope and scale of our mandate with existing customers and adding new customers in the U.S. and Canada, we look forward to working with and supporting V360° as they launch PLATFORM³ in Europe. We have been busy working on our growth plans this summer and expect to issue a steady stream of news to update the market over the coming months.”

Datable Technology (TSXV:DAC)(OTC:TTMZF) is Managed by Powerhouse Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Craig has dedicated the last 15 years to leadership positions in digital marketing and technology. Before DTC, he co-founded digital marketing companies Stratford Internet and ActiveStream, the latter acquired by Jupiter Capital. He has headed up projects with Amazon, Adobe, Disney, and Motorola and has led mobile research, development, and integration projects in the U.K., China, South Africa, Korea, the U.S., and Iceland.

Craig has earned multiple leadership awards, including Deloitte & Touche’s “Fast 50 Lotus Award” and Business in Vancouver’s “Top 40 under 40” award. He was also a finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award. He is past Chairman of New Media B.C.

CFO & Corporate Secretary

Roland has over 25 years of proven senior CFO experience with North American and European high-growth public & private technology companies and private equity. His recent public CFO tenures include Carmanah Technologies Corp. and Infosat Communications, Inc. (Bell Canada). Roland’s background includes being the CFO of a significant-sized Swiss-based private equity firm and spending eight years with KPMG in Corporate Finance and Audit. He is an investor and strategic & financial advisor to several Canadian & US early-stage technology companies.

VP Technology

Federico is an efficient, collaborative, and skillful leader with over 20 years of experience within the Technology Industry. He has a proven track record in leading cross-functional teams to plan, build, launch and maintain world-class cloud and SaaS solutions. He is a talented problem solver with the right mix of technical and business acumen. He works closely with external and internal stakeholders to provide innovative solutions tailored to their unique requirements. He successfully manages teams in multiple countries, simultaneously, within strict financial and time constraints.

Director of Operations

Zoë is a highly skilled and dedicated Director of Operations with a solid track record of improving processes. Her professional expertise is in personal management, development planning, and the implementation of strategic software programs. She has a demonstrated strength in the labor-management and has led cross-continental teams. She works closely with external and internal stakeholders to ensure that complex technical projects run smoothly from inception to completion. This includes every phase from developing the budget, schedule, and resource plan for each project.

Executive Chairman of the Board 

Oishi has over 20 years of experience in financing and advising growth companies and has served in senior management and board positions on several public and private companies. Oishi is the founder and President of Grand Rock Capital Inc. This company invests in growth companies and provides consulting services for investor relations, corporate finance, business development, mergers, and acquisitions for companies listed on the TSX. He is currently a director of Poydras Gaming Finance Corp.

Take some time now to get Datable Technology (TSXV:DAC)(OTC:TTMZF) on your radar before it’s too late…


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